Reading, writing and educating are the areas I enjoy to roam in , I can hold long conversations with fellows interested in these fields. I am an educator by profession and an avid reader.
I believe this world needs more optimism and the only way I can communicate it to the masses is through the power of words (which inspires me the most). Words shape our lives, they buzz in our heads, swim in the air 24/7, they can lift us up or break us down , they have the strength to change situations.
The name Words’ Ray has been chosen to spread the positive light and magic of words.

In Words’ Ray I will be sharing different types of literary works, creative writings, book reviews, interviews by different writers and some other related stuff. If you’re interested in sharing some creative work or giving some productive feedback, then you are more than welcome. The motive is to encourage and channelize thought provoking writings and ideas in a very positive, ethical and mature manner. I appreciate your constructive criticism and condemn abusive language and unethical ideas.
Thanks 🙂

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